About Us

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Who We Are

Helping Today Building Tommorow

The African Diaspora of Las Vegas, founded in 2019, was created out of a need to connect with our African brothers and sisters and to support the communities we live in.

As an organization representing more than 30 countries of African descent residing in Las Vegas, we are committed to serving, supporting, and providing the necessary resources to help improve the standard of living for the local diaspora, who contribute to the fabric of our greater Las Vegas community.

We provide workshops, mentorship, and scholarships and work with our community partners/leaders to provide financial literacy resources, healthcare options, family and educational resources, employment assistance, immigration support, and much more.

We have become a family that works together, plays, and serves together.

What We Do

We are a Community-Focused Nonprofit Organization

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to Better Our Communities

Our mission is to serve the diverse African diaspora in Las Vegas by mobilizing, supporting, and creating sustainable communities; empowering the next generation, and celebrating culture.

Our Vision is to be ...

A united voice for the diaspora communities of African descent living in Las Vegas.

DEI Statement

DEI Statement

We believe that all people, regardless of where they are from, should be respected and afforded the opportunity to thrive and be successful. The African Diaspora of Las Vegas works to ensure that members of the African diaspora work together with other communities to achieve a more equitable and inclusive Nevada.

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Curated for the Community

What Makes Us Different

We're United

We're a voice for African diaspora communities living in Las Vegas

We Help

We are committed to helping our immigrant communities

We Build

We strive to make the communities we live in a better place

We Serve

By mobilizing, educating and elevating the diverse diaspora in Las Vegas